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New Tour Destination: Jakarta

New Tour Destination: Jakarta

We’ve been all over West China. Now we’ll take a trip to the third largest city in the world.

There are so many sights to see. Here are some highlights in this video below:First up is the Skye Bar. You’ll see a great view of the city, plus great food. Don’t forget to bring your camera for that selfie!

If there’s one thing you’ll notice in Indonesia, it’s the traffic. It’s absolutely terrible, but hey, the daily lives of people are fun to watch from inside a car too.

Like in this video, subscribers of this tour will be staying at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Jakarta. The landscaping is amazing, with flowers, and statues. And the design of the inside is amazing.

You can eat your exotic fruit and cheese with a towering view of the city.

Next up is a street food adventure. This guy Mark Wiens will show you what we will show you too.

First up is a sort of rice krispie and omelette combined.

Chinatown is a great place to find some street food. You’ll see traffic as usual (you’ll get used to it).

You can see a couple of Chinese temples that will signify you are in Chinatown.

You can buy birds here. You can buy fruits and vegetables.

Next street food is siomay. Really cheap. About $1.11 dollar. It has a special peanut and chili sauce with tofu, and pork stuffed in bitter melon. That sounds about as eccentric as they come.

You can also try some vegetarian street food in Jakarta. One is called Ren Dang, vegetarian style. It costs $1.48. It is made of black mushroom, but it looks exactly like meat.

These are just some of the many experiences you can try in Jakarta. And we’ll take you there! Here are other destinations:


Panorama Jakarta
Panorama Jakarta



Expanding to East China: Tour In Shanghai

Expanding to East China: Tour In Shanghai

To all our new and existing subscribers. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our tours to East China. No longer is this website limited to a West Holiday, but now we offer tours all over China. On this article, we give you details to our tour in Shanghai.

The video below will orient you on the basic destinations and experiences you will encounter on the tour:

A trip to China is only right if you visit Shanghai or “The Paris of the East.” Towering buildings and cosmopolitan people will greet you when you arrive. You absolutely must not miss the famous Shanghai skyline. Nan Jing Walking street that is closed to cars can offer you buys and merchandise that you never knew you needed in your life. Everyone will try to sell you something, so make sure to stock up on cash, because it’s almost impossible to resist. However, before you enjoy this bustling city, make sure you get your china visa, or you will get in trouble. You don’t want any immigration issues. Trust us.

There are also great gardens in Shanghai. Here is an infographic detailing


You see, Shanghai is more than just high rise buildings. It also holds high rise trees. A city rich in nature. Come take a visit at the many botanical beauties the city holds. Examples are: the Yuyuan Gardens, the Shanghai Botanical Garden, Century Park, Dongping National Forest Park, and Zhonghsan Park.

After you visit nature, maybe you can have the time of your life at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland!


Sichuan 6-Day Tour

Sichuan 6-Day Tour

Day 1

Pick up in the Chengdu airport. Our driver will fetch you to your hotel. Rest well on your first night in Chengdu.

Meal: Dinner

Itinerary: Chengdu Caesarean Hotel

Day 2

One day sightseeing tour in Chengdu City

Our guide, will get you at your hotel in the morning, around 8:00 AM, then drive you to visit the Chengdu Panda base–one of the most successful Panda institutes in China. You will have a chance to catch the feeding time of the Pandas, when they are most awake and active. You will then watch a movie at the Panda Museum to know more about the daily life of Pandas, how they give birth, and things of that nature.
Get a taste of Sichuan local snacks for lunch.
In the afternoon, our guide will drive you to visit the Wuhuo temple, which was built to honor the Shu kingdom period. Afterwards, you can take a walk at the old Jinli street that is right next to the temple. Then in the late afternoon, our guide will drive you to see the Wenshu Buddhist Temple (constructed during the Tang Dynasty). It is one of the largest and most well-preserved Buddhist temples in Chengdu. You can have a scrumptious taste of the vegetarian delicacies in the Temple for dinner. In the evening, you can feast your eyes on the cultural show in the Sichuan Opera Tea House. This usually lasts for an hour and a half.
Panda Institute in Chengdu
Wuhuo temple
Sichuan Opera Tea House
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Accommodation: Chengdu Caesarean Hotel

Day 3

Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Qingcheng

In the early morning at 8:00, our driver will fetch you from your hotel to visit the Dujingyan irrigation system, and go sightseeing in Yuzui, Baopingkou, and Feishayan, and get to know more about the ancient people, and how they do their project, and how it is useful. After a delicious lunch, our driver will take you to Mount Qingcheng. You can take a cable car up to visit the relics and historical sites among the mountains. There you can find the Jianfu Palance, the Tianshi Cave, and the Shangqing Palace. If time allows, you can walk down on foot. Afterwards, it is time to go back to your hotel. Rest well.
Mt. Qingcheng
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Accommodation: Chengdu Caesarean Hotel.

Day 4

Chengdu – Huanglong park

Our driver will fetch you to the airport to go to Jiuzhaigou. The trip will take around 40 minutes. Another guide will meet you at the airport to get to Huanglong Park. Take about 3 to 4 hours to go sightseeing here. You can opt to go mountain climbing, however this depends on your health condition.
Huanglong Park
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Accommodation: Jiuzhaigou Resort Hotel

Day 5

Jiuzhaigou National Park Sightseeing

You have the whole day to spend in Jiuzhaigou National Park. There are so many lakes, rivers, ponds, waterfalls, and Tibetan villages for you to explore. You can opt to see the place via sightseeing bus or on foot. You can even catch the evening show of the Tibetan people, however the price is not included in the tour package.
Jiuzhaigou National Park
Meals: Breakfast, lunch

Accommodation: Jiuzhaigou Resort Hotel.

Day 6

Drop off at Chengdu airport.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch

New Local Destinations in Chengdu Tour

New Local Destinations in Chengdu Tour

In addition the pre-packaged tours that we have of Chengdu, we will offer the following additional destinations of Chengdu. Chengdu is a beautiful city in Sichuan, West China. Below, we see what Chengdu is famous for. The tourist destinations mentioned in this infographic will be destinations in the tour as well.


From the infographic we know that Chengdu is a special city. It has a total area of 12,132 square kilometers, and is close to Tibet. It is called The Turtle City, because it’s shape resembles that of a turtle. Its population is about 12.2 million (compared to London which only has a population of 4 million).

Did you know that 80% of the World’s giant pandas are in Chengdu. It is also home to the biggest building in the World. The name of the building is “The New Century Building,” and it has a total area of 1,700,000 square meters.

Chengdu is ranked number 1 happiest city in all of China. It is also in the top 4 of the best cities to live in China, and it is the city with 4th fastest growing GDP in China. It is also home to the oldest school in the World (around 2,157 years old!).

It’s also where you can find one of the spiciest cuisines in all of China.

There are over 233 Fortune 500 companies in Chengdu, and it is also considered as a party destination in China with over thousands of bars and clubs.

You too can enjoy this city if you hop along the tour with us. We’ll take you everywhere exciting in Chengdu, including a fantastic tour of what goes on in a factory. This video below shows a tiny bit of what happens in a Chinese die casting factory. It’s really quite exciting to see the molds come to life.

Travel to Nepal Now with West Holiday

Travel to Nepal Now with West Holiday

We are now expanding our tours to Nepal, particularly Kathmandu. We’re excited to bring you to the home of Mt. Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. However, did you know there’s more to see in this beautiful country than the mountain? Yes, you’ll be surprised. Here’s a video detailing just what to expect from your trip to Kathmandu with us:

Experience this peaceful, quaint country on the back of a motorcycle, maybe? You can see all sorts of ethnic souvenirs and monkeys everywhere.

The first thing you must do is go to Thamel. There you will experience the heart of Nepal. And taste the sweets of Nepal too. There are lots of merchandise here for sale. You can ride a rickshaw to explore around. Motorcycles are rampant too.

The next place to go to Swayambhunath Temple too. The name means “Sublime Trees” in Nepalese. This is so because of the many different kinds of trees around the temple. The place is surrounded with religious objects and pictures of deities.

The next place to go to is Durbar Square. Here you can find many water fountains, open spaces, open courts, temples, and stalls.

The uniquely Nepalese rustic culture can be seen with a mix of small white taxi cars. Candles are lit near the churches, as people pray in the temples. Flowers and vegetables are sold nearby, as well as holy pictures.

Doves litter the square, like flying mice. The towering temples stand tall, as the lion statues stand guard.

Here you won’t find many commercial buildings. Businesses like online shopping or  can’t be found in this square. Life is simpler in the squares of Kathmandu.




Tour Expansion to Hanoi

Tour Expansion to Hanoi

This is Pho real. West Holiday is expanding its tours to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Where all the major political and financial dealings of the country happen.

Here is a video showing you all the major sights to see in under 6 minutes in the capital.

In the early morning you can see the locals get their exercise. You can see people do soccer, tai-chi, and even ballroom dancing.

Next stop is the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, where the former president lies, and still revered up to this day.

Next up is the Temple of Literature. You can see all sorts of quirky things here. Turtle sculptures, and buildings with traditional curvy rooftops.

Next is the Museum of Ethnology. You can’t get any more local than that.

Hanoi is a peaceful city with a very rural lifestyle and ambiance, compared to Saigon, which is a bustling city where businesses and big establishments are in congestion.
Rickshaws are a great way to explore the city, and get the essence of Hanoi. There’s a specialty store for everything. There’s something to see everywhere. abound.

Next we move to the really rural area of Hanoi.

Hoa Binh is where we see a tranquil lake, with towering rock formations, and a very local community. Locals make tea, go fishing, and plant rice. It really is fantastic.

You can even enjoy some traditional music and dance. You can book our own take of the tours. We’ll take you to so many more places like in these pictures:





Announcement: Branch Office Expansion Plans

Announcement: Branch Office Expansion Plans

Attention employees of West Holiday. The management would like to announce its plans of putting up a branch office in Kunming.

This will be our first branch office, so we lack a lot of knowledge and experience about the process. Here is a video that may be helpful in keeping everyone up to speed about the whole project. This is a video that shows how a branch office expansion is done in India. Now, we are not going to expand in India, but the process is not that different from expanding to Kunming.

By watching and educating yourself with the video, you can have a clearer vision of the branch office expansion plan. Or at least a little bit oriented.

We are going to be asking assistance from a foreign company, but we are looking for local clients as well. If anyone knows someone who is an expert of the autocad, please inform the management immediately. We are hiring autocad experts to design our branch office.

There are a few prerequisites to opening a branch office is a profitability track record of more than 5 years.

Only manufacturing and trading companies are usually allowed to have a branch office in West China.

We have to get approval from a lot of government bodies, so the process will be taking a lot of time. Maybe even 1 year, depending on the strength of the case.

Profits are allowed to repatriate, transfer pricing is applicable, and the income tax rates for foreign tax is applicable.

Please watch the video for more information. Below is a picture of our ideal branch office:


A Tour To Bali, Indonesia

A Tour To Bali, Indonesia

Dubbed one of the best islands in the world, and vacation hotspot for travelers everywhere, Bali island is a destination that is surely not to be missed by West Holiday, now that we’ve opened our tours outside West China.

There are so many places to go in this beautiful island. Below is a video showing you exactly what you will be getting when you come and join us for the tour.

First off is Rama Phala spa. A wonderful spa. It defines what Bali rest and relaxation is all about. Very nice interior and coconut trees everywhere.

Bali food is absolutely delicious. Lots of noodles, barbecue with special sauce.

See the local dances and local batik, which is cloth designed by manual waxing and dyeing. There is also a village that specializes in wood carving. Absolutely beautiful.

For lunch the next day you can have a nice lunch with a view of the rice fields. We recommend the duck.

Now, we know how popular Eat, Pray, Love the book is. You can actually have an arrangement to meet with the actual adviser of Elizabeth Gilbert in Bali.

There are so many heavenly pools in Bali. You absolutely must dip into these water sanctuaries.

Here is another video showing you the top places to visit in Bali:

First off is the Besakih Temple. You’ll certainly feel like you’re in Legends of the Hidden Temple but an Asian version.

Next off is Kintamani and Mount Batur. The mountain and river view is absolutely breathtaking. You must go.

There are so many more places we’ll take you to Bali. And we’ll make sure to take you there!

Tour Expansion: Dongguan

Tour Expansion: Dongguan

Dongguan is a city in the Guangdong province. West Holiday is offering this great opportunity to expand its tours in South China! Specifically, Dongguan. So, what’s so special about Dongguan? Watch the video, and you’ll find out. The handsome foreigner host you see in the thumbnail will take you all over the quaint and beautiful city.

Dongguan is a tourist destination, a provincial home, and a manufacturing hub. You can do many things in Dongguan. One thing is paragliding with a huge fan in your back. You can go shopping. There are so many cute collectibles in small shops in Dongguan. You’ll have a laugh at some of the knock-offs. Make sure to grab the Barack Obama dancing, singing toy. There’s even a cigarette pack that transforms into a peacock. And the staple giant teddy bear.

Something you might notice in Dongguan is that there are so many foreigners.

Enjoy the creative spirit of the city with the local graffiti scene.

Football and baseball are very popular here too.

Here is a tour of Dongguan through the eyes of another foreigner:

You will see that Dongguan is filled with delicious restaurants.

There are so many more things to do in Dongguan, and we will take you there! In fact, we will even take you to the manufacturing heart of the city. One particular destination is the metal factory. Be fascinated by the process of forcing melted metal to form into a certain shape through high-pressure. It’s commonly used by automobiles all over the world.

Come and join us in our expanded tour in Dongguan, South China! We guarantee you’ll have a ball.

New Tokyo Tour

New Tokyo Tour

The mother of all tours. Finally, we have made it possible for West Holiday to hold tours in Tokyo.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It houses over 35 million people. It’s known to be one of the most unique and exciting cities all over the world. Certainly top 5. It’s a city that seemingly doesn’t sleep. There are a LOT of people. Like a lot. But, I think that’s part of the beauty of it. You just get so lost in the crowd. You connect to a society that is constantly moving.

Here is a video to show you the sights in the city:

It’s an extremely organized city. We begin our trip to Asakusa Temple. Don’t forget to pray and honor the founders of the temple. You can see a huge lantern on a red gate. It’s absolutely delightful.

Tradition and modernity mix so well in Tokyo. Self-expression is of utmost importance in certain areas like Harajuku. Yoyogi park is a great place to hang out, bike around, and just have a fun day with family. Many musicians come here to rehearse.

Make your way through a forest to Meiji Shrine, a shrine to honor the great emperor Meiji who ushered a new modern era in Japan.

South of Yoyogi park, we will take you to Shibuya. Where shopping takes center stage.

Speaking of shopping, Ginza is also a top destination, and screen compartments 屏風隔間 separate shops.

Despite its luxurious look, there are quaint places to visit here, like the hole-in-the-wall barbecue stalls.Get your wallets ready, guys.

Next is Akihabara where it’s all about celebrating Anime.

For more sights check out this video here: